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Character Studies for Ladybug Playground Toy

Even though the object in question is an inanimate object, I wanted it to have a life of its a sense ...a character. That's one of the reasons I eliminated the children from the design-it was becoming too busy. Plus, with the children riding the ladybug, it was clear it was a piece of equipment.
I wanted the image to stand on its own.
I wanted it to be engaging and to say 'Yes. This is a show for everyone."

Character Studies for Bee

The beginning designs were too wasp-like...too sharp. The attitude of the character was right. I just needed to refine body shape and facial expression. 

There was an serious effort on my part to get the bee's face just right

The facial expression had to be just right. Cute-without being too cute as well as conveying the tone of a mature comedy show. 

I based my design of the bee on circles. 
There are theories that circles create friendlier characters.
Did you ever notice how Mickey Mouse is created out of several circles?
 His body, head, ears...all circles.

I figured what's good for Ub Iwerks is good enough for me. 

The Two Final Color Comps
(Chartpak Markers on Parchment Tracing Paper) 

The Two Final Posters
(Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop)

I like that there are similarities between the two designs. 
~The letter 'I' has been replaced by another design element in both
~The main element in the All Audience poster is a ladybug-there is a ladybug on the leaf for the poster for the mature show.

Final All Audience Show Poster
West End Comedy ~ April 2013 ~ HATTheatre

Final MATURE Show Poster West End Comedy ~ April 2013 ~ HATTheatre

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